Resting Place Radio Promotions

Resting Place Radio Promotions has been the strong arm of Ricky Atkinson and Compassion for about 17 years now. After limited charting success with our first two radio singles in 2000-2001, we decided to start our own radio promotion company. Our first single of promoting on our own, placed the hit song, "Jesus Can" at # 1 (Power Source Magazine), April 2002, and # 6 (Singing News Magazine), May 2002. The song "Jesus Can" stayed in the top 10 nationwide for an unprecedented 6 months, with award winning numbers in airplay.

With that song’s chart topping success and the accomplishments of our new company to date, Ricky Atkinson and Compassion has tallied up 8 top ten songs.

RPM as a whole, for all artist combined, has promoted over 40 top 40 hits, 25 top 20 songs, 25 top tens, 9 #1 songs and a SGM MUSIC industrywide Song of the Year…

RPM is now a strong reputable radio promotions company and well respected in the industry… We also have promoted many of today’s top SGM recording artist, such as: The Anchormen, Dixie Echoes, Perfect Heart, Brian Free and Assurance, the Inspirations, and many more popular artist of the industry outside of RAC. Our client list has also included Tony Gore, Won By One, The Steeles, The Whisnants, Jody Brown Indian Family, McKameys, and many other SG groups with much success.

Resting Place Music promoter, Melinda Kay Lightener is well respected and well received, and also is a favorite among DJs and program directors at Southern Gospel Music radio. She will continue to make the majority of our contacts for our artist, also in promoting our company.

Melinda comes from a long line of high recommendations and RPM is proud to have one of the top promoting professionals in the industry, in the promotions branch of our RPM labels…

Melinda has worked for several well known record labels in the SGM industry such as: Crown Records, Homeland, and The Eddie Crook Company… RPM is glad to have an experienced and dependable radio promoter, who knows the industry, and how radio promotions actually work.

Here’s what some DJs and Program Directors have to say about Resting Place Radio Promotions…

“As a Music Director, I appreciate the fact that RPM is professional from start to finish. Always up to date with what is going on with their artists and that in turn helps me do my job!”

Margie Hughes, WCKB- Dunn, NC

“I was speaking with Ricky at N.Q.C. recently and I made a point to inform him of something he already knew…that he has quite the company and a great representative of Southern Gospel music in general, and, more importantly…The Lord.”

John Wells, Music Director
WCGW, 770-A.M., Versailles, KY

Melinda Lightner approaches her job with utmost professionalism and quality, yet at the same time she is very personable. She goes the extra mile to help me out with anything that I may need, and I anticipate the friendly conversation each month.

Rief Herman, WPCN
Music Director
“Joy In The Morning”, Host

“I have known Melinda for many years thru radio and personal friendship… she is top notch one of a kind and always professional. When I found out she was working with Ricky Atkinson and Resting Place Music, I told her I was very proud of her and shes working with one of the best, and what I consider THE best radio compilation sampler in the biz!”

Steve Robinette, WVSG
Music Director
Pecks Mill, WV