Deep in the southwest corner of the state of Georgia, everything is quiet and peaceful. Mostly viewed as an outdoor recreation state where hunting is plentiful, fishing is always in, and a peaceful way of life is easily accessible. Now its not so quiet!! Sylvester, GA. is now home to one of gospel music’s newest recording labels, Resting Place Music.

Ricky Atkinson has now been in the professional gospel music industry for 25 years as a singer/songwriter/publisher, and also owner/manager of Ricky Atkinson and Compassion of Sylvester,GA., Ricky Atkinson Publishing Company, and Resting Place Radio Promotions.

Ricky spent 3 years with the Wilburns of Carthage, TN and quickly became known as one of the top songwriters in gospel music, also helping the Wilburns to their 1st number one song in their famed 30 year history, a song called”Resting Place”in Jan, 1999. Later that year Ricky moved back to South Georgia to form what is now know as one of today’s top mixed trios in the industry, Ricky Atkinson and Compassion.

Ricky is now ready to take on the great task of showing other groups how to work their way up the stairway that is the gospel music industry. It has always been a dream, to not only sing, play, and write this wonderful God-given music, but also to direct others with the knowledge he has gained, and to give, from experience, back to other groups on their journey.

Ricky states,”I don’t know what other record labels recommend as far as avenues of labor to make a group ‘take off’ or ‘go’, but I know from the experience of my own group what it takes to make a group accessible to radio and visible in the industry, when you start with nothing and make great strides…..that will be the pattern we will follow. It has proven to be successful, and if it will work for us, it can work for many other artist as well.”

Ricky’s first # 1 song, Resting Place was where it all started and hence the name of the company, Resting Place Music. RPM will house 2 recording labels,”Resting Place Records”, and”Featherbed Records”. Other branches of business will include”Resting Place Distributors”, and also we will continue”Resting Place Radio Promotions”monthly, to all radio stations.

In closing, I’d like to say, we look forward to servicing each group individually,and our main goal is to make the work not seem so much like work……I have produced many, many projects for alot of people over the last 25 years, and I know for a fact, the recording process can be frustrating, and intimidating, and even sometimes embarrassing……we want to make everyone comfortable and at ease, so we can get the very best production from each group. The potential is inside of us all, sometimes it takes a lot of patience to get it out….I am no magician, but I know God is able to work through those who make themselves useable for His service….
Making Artist Comfortable, is the RPM motto, and we intend on doing just that.

Ricky Atkinson,